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Senior Executive Producer
Director | Writer

     Ingeborg C. Humphrey is CEO of I.C.E. Dreamed Films where she oversees the company’s businesses, Black Ink Writers Group and I.C.E Dreamed Productions. Humphrey is also the Chairman of I.C.E. Dreamed Productions, managing the studios overall operations which includes motion pictures, television and digital content production, digital acquisition and distribution and the development of new motion picture, television and digital content.

   Under the leadership of Humphrey, she has created, directed and written quality content between digital and short films over the years. Prior to I.C.E. Dreamed Films, Humphrey attended Michigan State University, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.      Humphrey also worked for ESPN, Comcast, MSU Sports Broadcasting, Mirage Technologies, and MSU Women’s Basketball Team as the Video Manager providing season highlight films for the team banquets.



Senior Executive Vice President, I.C.E. Dreamed Films

Executive Producer

     Corey M. Curties is Senior Executive VP responsible for all of the Company’s financial, and strategic planning activities. His duties also encompass I.C.E. Dreamed Films treasury. He reports directly to I.C.E. Dreamed Films chairman and CEO, Ingeborg C. Humphrey.

     Mr. Curties brings significant entertainment industry and management experience to I.C.E. Dreamed Films, he has been an actor since the age of six appearing in a dozen commercials and tv shows. Mr. Curties has also managed  franchise stores like Blockbuster and Coffee Bean, turning profits at both respectively. Mr. Curties holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.



Head of Animation, I.C.E. Dreamed Films

      Marcus oversees our animation team from development to completion. He attended Texas Junior College studying Kinesiology and later moved to Los Angeles to start his career in the film industry. Currently he is charge of the production for Joe The Angel Animation.

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Senior Editor, I.C.E. Dreamed Films

     Chris is the Senior Editor at I.C.E. Dreamed Films. Chris hails from Southwest Philadelphia, an experienced, graphic designer, cartoonist, photographer, and TV producer. Most know him as the producer of the #ZoWhat? Morning Show and the Voice of Reason show on DASH Radio as well as The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show on Youtube. He spent some time learning the ropes and making connections in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Media Arts & Animation from The Art Institute of Philadelphia.



Senior Producer, I.C.E. Dreamed Films

Waukesha Bell is an award winning Writer, Director and Producer from Greenwood Mississippi.  Desiring a creative career in film she moved to Los Angeles and studied Directing at Chapman University.  She has spent over 10 years working in television and film honing her skill-set.  Gaining a true understanding for the business and creative by working on block buster and independent films alike; Waukesha now produces and directs.  She's developed a true passion for creating films that not only inspire but  on a business level, challenge the filmmaking system of film ownership and distribution.    Some of her films include, “To Have & To Hold”, “Conflicted”,  “Love of Mass Destruction” and “Un Speakable Indiscretions”.  She also produced the immensely popular and award winning sports drama, “Diary of a Champion”.  The faith-based drama, “Conflicted” which won the 2015 NAFCA award for Best Foreign Film marked her first Producing recognition on a large scale. Waukesha’s currently directing her first Pilot for Viacom and will be producing the Suspense Thrillers Transference and Meta Building in the late fall of 2019.  “Filmmaking is art.  Art is a powerful, influential communication tool.   Pour yourself into your art.  Let your experiences be your inspiration and your film become your voice to help change the world.”

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